It’s with a grateful heart that we welcome you to Llacie! We started out of love and tears -- I (Alla, the founder and co-owner) was pregnant with my baby daughter, Isabella, when 34 weeks in and many complications later, she was born with a very rare disease.



Because of this disease, we lost our baby daughter soon after she was born, and I quickly fell into the worst period of my life. It was easily the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced, but I knew there had to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

 That light was Llacie.

 Born out of passion and heartache, my childhood passion of playing dress up became my focus and coping mechanism for the incredible amount of pain I was feeling. It gave me something to care for.

 I spent countless hours researching business licenses, finding pieces for the store, and the perfect model for the brand; Marina, who now co-owns Llacie with me. Marina has helped to bring this company to where it is today with all of her ideas and her willingness to step in and help. Our dreams, visions and passions aligned so perfectly, so after 6 months working together, I invited her to become my business partner -- BEST DECISION EVER.

 We’ve all struggled, but despite tough times, we remain so happy and grateful for all of you who have supported Llacie over the years. From you wonderful customers to our amazing little team, Llacie wouldn’t be where it is today without you all.


XOXO, Alla & Marina